83-85 Bridge Road East Molesey Surrey KT8 9HH


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Smilessence, General And Cosmetic Dentist

We offer both general and cosmetic dental services from our stunning surgery in East Molesey Surrey, we have highly skilled qualified dentists and hygienists.

Even before you step into our practice you will see that this is no ordinary place. Smilessence is a state of the art practice with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. We pride ourselves on offering a vast array of general dentistry to maintain and promote good dental health.

Here at Smilessence we combine years of professional experience together with the latest technology, treatment approaches and techniques. Whatever the scope of your treatment, whether you want a new smile or care of your existing smile, you can expect the very best in care and service conducted in the most relaxing and comfortable surroundings.

There is a customer car park at the rear of the building off Arnison Road.

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Satisfied customer frome Smilessence dentist I was always really conscious of my protruding upper teeth and my crowded lower teeth, so much so that I used to cover my hand over my mouth when I laugh so that you couldnít see them. Having my photo taken was always another issue and I felt very conscious, so much so, that I would always smile with my lips tightly closed. It wasnít until my now husband proposed over two years ago and this was a turning point for me. I wanted straight teeth on my special day. I wanted to look at pictures of me after my wedding with a big smile and teeth proudly showing. Meeting you it was like a breath of fresh air! You provided me with all the options available to me, you gave me the pros and cons to consider and informed me of a payment plan which would work for me. I started to see results straight away and only 18 months later my teeth are unrecognisable. I actually got so used to wearing the brace that when I had it out it actually felt really odd without it. It feels great to talk, laugh or have a picture taken now with a big smile! On my special day I was confident and the pictures of me smiling donít make me cringe any more. I feel like a new confident woman!