Family Dentist – Hampton / Molesey / London

Smilessence offers dental care and education to children from birth to the very elderly, the whole family.

Dentistry For Children – Lifelong oral health care

Attending the dentist from a very young age can help your child take care of their teeth and mouth throughout their early years. This in turn will lead to an 89% chance that at 15 years old, your child’s teeth will be free of decay (information from the Government ‘Future Study’ 2005).

Here at Smilessence, Dr Karen Gangotra and her team support children’s understanding of the importance of their teeth, and helps to develop positive associations with oral health care. As well as providing a system for teaching children how to clean their mouths effectively, Smilessence also encourages them to practice and evaluate their skills on an ongoing basis at home. So from the very beginning, your child will learn how they can look after their smile with the right care and attention. With a strong emphasis on prevention through education, Smilessence designed to:

  • Help children and families understand oral health care and how tooth decay and gum disease develops
  • Teach the skills necessary to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Smilessence is proud to offer Oral health education sessions along with children hygiene appointments. Karen Gangotra has 100% success rate with nervous patients and has a very friendly approach with children. She and her team often visit the local schools educating both staff and pupils on how to maintain optimum oral health and the importance of attending the dentist.

Dentistry for the rest of the Family

Here at Smilessence, we offer a vast array of dental treatments from white fillings, to single visit crowns, to dental implants and dentures. Click here to see all of our dental services.

Your Dental check-up will include the following:

  • Examination and status of your existing dental work
  • Scan for Gum Disease and Bone loss
  • Assessing your Muscles, Bite and Jaw Joints
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Tooth Decay Screening

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